Application Process

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The application for the Mobility project will be downloadable from you National Agency’s website and will be available in late Summer/early Autumn. If you decide to co-operate with us, we will provide you with as much support as we can. We have prepared so called ‘packages’ that will help you outline the project, give you ideas and help you plan your application. The application is not difficult to fill in and there will always be somebody at your disposal from our organisation who can give you an advice.

Project Timeline

1. Call released – September 2012

The call for proposals for all parts of the Lifelong Learning Programme is released in late Summer/early Autumn. This gives you around seven months to complete your application.

2. Application deadline – February/March 2013

3. Assessment – February to May 2013

When your application is first submitted it goes through a number of checks to make sure it is eligible. For example, was the application received on time? Is the application form completed in full?

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Each eligible application is then assessed by two independent external assessors which mark the application against a range of detailed criteria set by the European Commission. The mark your application receives is then matched against the minimum score, or threshold. If an application falls below the threshold level it will be rejected and will not be funded.

4. Your National Agency decision – May 2013

The last stage before a decision is reached is the National Evaluation Committee (NEC). The NEC comes together to review the applications above the threshold and it is a chance for those on the committee to share any concerns and for any questions to be answered. The NEC reach a final decision on the successful applicants and this list is then sent to the European Commission.

The Commission carry out a final set of checks and give the final decision on which organisations to fund.

5. Project Start – June 2013

You will hear whether we, as partners, are successful in early Summer.