CO.N.E.CT. (Cooperation Network for European Citizenship)

We are a partner of an international not-for-profit association CO.N.E.CT that was created under the constitution of Belgium according to the Belgian Statute of June 27, 1921 and its successive modifications. As a member of this association, we are connected to quite a lot of projects (Restart Transfer of Innovation Project, SuperMom Kick-off – EU project for single parents, SOFIA: Transfer of E-learning Innovation Methodology – Leonardo da Vinci Programme and many more!).

The association is formed by several organisations located all over Europe with the aim of promoting:
• Social inclusion;
• Local development;
• European knowledge and active citizenship;
• Equal opportunities for all;
• Value and diversity of the European culture, language, and citizenship;
• Exchange of knowledge;
• sharing of good practices, ideas, skills and models both inside the CO.N.E.CT network and with other networks;
• Personal and professional development;
• Access to training and transnational education;
• Dissemination, and mainstreaming;
• Development of models that are replicable;
• Research to influence policies at all levels;

CO.N.E.CT. activities are linked with:
• Identification and transfer of good practices; exchanges of methodologies, products and competences
• Development common projects, dissemination and valorisation of results, especially within new accession countries;
• Implementation of transnational and educational training