GI WHAT is a Grundtvig partnership established as an interdisciplinary effort to disentangle the complexity of gender issues throughout Europe, raise awareness and understanding of different aspect of gender issues, including differences and similarities among the partners, and to formulate strategies to start doing something about them through as well as in Adult Education.

Based on their experience and context, the partners have identified 6 general areas in which gender issues exist and in which Adult Education could make a difference:
1. work,
2. education,
3. the social domain,
4. family,
5. culture
6. awareness and empowerment.

Through a series of workshops, each one focussing on one specific domain, organised during project meetings in different countries, the partnership will address these aspects of gender issues. Each workshop will include a general framework, discussion of examples of good practice and problems (including at the hosting organisation) and the design of strategies how to address specific issue at hand in and through adult education in the different partner institutions and countries.

Between the project meetings, partners will implement the insights gained through the collaboration in their own institutions, as well as trough their networks.