Mobility Project - Students from Cyprus

The students from school in Pafos were trained in the field of electronics and computer technology and attended a three weeks placement in Imagement company part of Hyundai greatest regional investor. The main objective of the program was to gain professional skills and to use the theoretically acquired knowledge practically.

Adaptation of the students was fast and with no problems, they were into the work and ready to learn the practical skills. There was set up certain time to start and finish the work to teach them the responsibility - from the beginning it was discussed but they got used and they learned to respect this.

Students were very communicative and friendly - that was very positive appreciated by their colleagues and during their training they also managed to develop an open-minded, positive relationship. Also regular workers funded a way how to cooperate and make use of this not usual working power in the factory.

Students had good opportunity to compare in which fields they have strong sides and opportunities and in the group they could compare their qualities and gain motivation.

Besides the practical training many trips and excursions were arranged. They visited a mine museum, football and ice-hockey match, famous car museum Tatra, mountains with a lot of snow in March, Castle, traditional market, town hall of Ostrava city, another factory which produces and much more.


In the framework of this Leonardo da Vinci program all participants could gain important experience in their field of study. They saw the daily work in their future profession and could practice what they learn at school in a professional surrounding. An evaluation of the vocational educational training took place, where results of the placement were discussed; it could be declared that all aims of the placement were reached.

All participants were motivated and engaged so that the placement company and we the receiving organisation could appreciate their performance. It was a pleasure hosting the friendly and motivated group from Pafos. We wish them all the best and sure that this training and stay helped them for a positive development of their future career.