Mobility Project

We understand that in today’s modern world, it may be very hard for people to choose a career path. We believe that this program is very suited for such people because the main goal of this project is to provide the best possible training for students who decided to engage in vocational education.

The aim of the project is also to upgrade the level of education in schools, to increase the interest of schools in future students and to develop the co-operation between schools, organizations and companies in the field of education. The placements take place in companies of all sizes.

The students, who decide to participate in the project, have the possibility to apply their knowledge and experience in a working environment, to gain better orientation on the labour market, and to increase their chances for employment and readiness for their career life. They will also gain priceless experience in terms of language literacy, responsibility and independency. They will also get to know Czech language, history, culture and mentality.

The students who decide to come to our region, will not be sorry. Our region is very rich in activities of all kinds and we believe that everyone can find a perfect activity ranging from go-karts to paintball and many more ...