Preparatory Visits

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Preparatory visits provide an opportunity for education and training institutions to cooperate with their European counterparts in view of submitting future applications. We would happy if you decided to come for a Preparatory Visit because it enables you to see the city, the atmosphere and we can discuss and develop an outline of the planned project and to start drafting the application form together. As the Preparatory Visit is designed to pave the way for a project submission they must take place before the project application is actually submitted. The maximum duration of a preparatory visit is 5 nights. The whole of your visit will be funded by the EU.

Usually a grant is awarded to just one person per visit, only in exceptional cases two staff from
the same institution can be awarded a grant to undertake a visit together.

How to apply for a Preparatory Visit? Download, complete, and submit the Preparatory Visit Application Form that is downloadable from you National Agency’s website. The deadline for an application is set by each National Agency but tends to be some time around December 2012.