The Mobility Project

Mobility for Trainees in Initial Vocational Training

This programme aims at the support of transnational mobility of persons undergoing initial vocational education and training. A training placement for students in IVT consists of a period of vocational training and/or work experience undertaken by an individual beneficiary (apprentice, pupil, trainee, etc) in an enterprise or a training institution in the Czech Republic. Within the project, co-operation exists between training institutions and/or enterprises.
This project can help your organisation or school to provide students with a unique opportunity to enhance their skills on a work placement.
"If I had the chance, I would definitely do it again. It was the best three weeks of my life and I will never forget it. " Kat

Funding Facts

Funding is calculated on a per participant basis, it depends on a number of people you will be sending abroad as part of the project. The Leonardo funding will contribute to:

car mechanic
We organize placements in the fields of e.g. Mechanics, IT, Food and Beverage Industry and many more. We have acquired strong contacts with VET schools as well as industrial and service companies, there we are able to organize high quality work placements.

“I left a piece of my heart in the Czech Republic because people were so kind and very affectionate; in the geographical terms I liked the most was the tower of Ostrava“. Alessandra

We offer the following services: